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Shahi Paneer Recipe | Mughlai Paneer

Shahi Paneer is delectably rich and smooth, making it one of the most famous plans in Mug…

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Chana Pulao-sabnams culinary

This is an Instant Pot Pakistani Chana Pulao! simple, tasty, and it takes under 20 minute…

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Ronga Laur Sabji-Sabnams Culinary | Best Pumpkin Recipe

This Ronga Laur Sabji is a very simple and flavorful dish made with pumpkin, entire flavo…

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Best Creamy Cheese Vegan Pizza-Sabnams Culinary | Veggie Creamy Pizza Italy

This is the best Vegan Pizza recipe! Stacked with broccoli, tomatoes, jalapeño, and velve…

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Crispy Potato Vegan Sticks | Potato Cheese Sticks

These luscious, melty "cheddar" sticks supplant conventional mozzarella with a …

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