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Mango Avocado Shrimp Salad | Cocktail

Make lime, fruits, veggies and grilled Shrimps to give this salad an incredible taste. Th…

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Creamy Salmon Pasta

This extra grilled salmon gives creamy pasta an exquisite flavour and taste. Make your ev…

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Barbeque Salmon Salad with fruits | Baked Salmon With Avocado

Damp, flaky, soften in-your-mouth salmon flawlessness. This is the prepared salmon formul…

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Spicy Yoghurt Courgette with Poached Eggs

Courgettes are dipped in yogurt and stew prior to being finished off with flawlessly poac…

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Dahi Vada (Fritters in yoghurt)

Dahi vada is a kind of chaat (nibble) starting from the Indian subcontinent and famous al…

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Deluxe Cheese Muffins-Sabnams Culinary

Muffins! sweet muffins, savoury muffins, cheesey muffins, muffins in German, soft and flu…

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