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Tutti Frutti By Sabnams Culinary: is a colorful confectionery to be made with papaya or watermelon rinds. Tutti Frutti is can be used as  toppings for cakes, desserts, biscuits and Icecreams. Small colour coated fruits chips are made which look very beautiful when used for decorating cakes. Tutti Frutti cake is also a delightful recipe to make your desserts and cakes beautiful. 

Top your apple cakes and Jackfruit cake with this Tutti Frutti recipe. 


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Tutti Frutti on a glass bowl

About Tutti Frutti

A sweet and vivid dessert shop sweetened natural product fundamentally ready from the crude papaya's or from the selection of berries. it is for the most part utilized for garnishes in frozen yogurts, sweets or cakes with practically no singular plans from it. for the most part, these sugar coated organic products come in radiant red tone, green and yellow tone.


What are ingredients for making tutti frutti?

Tutti Frutti are specially made from fruits like apricots, currants, dates, figs, watermelon or papaya.

What is the use of Tutti Frutti?

It is used as a decorative agent or toppings on cakes, Icecreams, milk breads, buns, and desserts.

It is used in sweet paans which is also known as meetha paan in India.

How to make Tutti Frutti?

Watermelon rinds cut into small cubic sizes for preparing 4 cups of Tutti Frutti. These rinds are cooked on a sugary syrup for half an hour, later these Rinds are colorized and left to dry.

 Sabnams Culinary: Best Tutti Frutti

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  • Water Melon Rinds.
  • Sugar 1 cup.
  • Water 2 cups.
  • Vanilla Essence 1/2 tsp.
  • Food Colors  4 combinations.

Preparation for Tutti Frutti

Watermelon rinds cut into small cubic sizes for preparing 4 cups of Tutti Frutti. 

Here I am preparing 4 cups means for 4 colors combinations.

I have taken green, orange, cherry and yellow.


1. Boil 2cups water on a pan and add 1cup sugar on it.

2. Add melon cubes to the sugary water and boil for half an hour.

3. Turn off the flame and pour the sugar coated melon cubes on four glass bowls equally.

4. Don't forget to fill the melon bowls with the sugary water.

5. Now add color droplets one by one to the bowls and mix with the melon cubes.

6. Leave the bowls to cool down, take 24 hours time to the melons to get finely mix with the colors.

7. Next drain out the waters from the bowls with the help of net and keep the tutti frutti in four glass bowls again.

8. Fan the Tutti Frutti to dry out the moisture or you may put it in air outside on your shades.

9. Check if  stickyness  persist dry it for 1 more day.

10. You will notice the cubes color began to glow and looks eye catching.
Your Tutti Frutti is now ready.

11. Bake your cakes, sweet bread, enjoy icecreams with added Tutti Frutti toppings.

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